Legal Analyst: Conduct research on federal and state tax regulations, statutes, and precedents and provide legal expertise with regards to tax filing, sales tax recovery, business formation and incorporation, and preparation of tax returns. Analyze clients’ tax information and conduct research on tax regulations that will impact the client’s tax burden. Research tax implications for clients who are receiving capital or estate, executing banking deals, or completing a merger and acquisition and advise on methods of structuring transactions to receive the most beneficial tax treatment. Analyze tax risks associated with business or personal financial transactions and advise on the legal ramifications of particular actions. Document strategies underlying tax return filings in the event of a tax audit. Assist tax accountants and enrolled agents in preparing tax audits and responses to other IRS inquiries. Conduct legal research on tax issues and unusual or complicated tax situations at the request of tax accountants and management. Recommend legal counsel to represent clients in tax court if necessary. Stay abreast of updates in the international, federal, state, and local applicable tax laws and codes, including the Code of Federal Regulations in the Internal Revenue Code. Prepare periodic reports on proposed legislation and changes to tax laws and filing procedures.

Requirements: The position requires a Master’s degree in Legal Studies or Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree and one year of experience in the job offered or a related legal position. The position requires skills and knowledge in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

40 hours/week.
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Van Nuys, CA
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